Thursday, May 17, 2012

Seafood Fraud Event

On the very first day of my internship with Seaweb’s Seafood Choices program, I had the pleasure of attending a reception hosted by marine conservation organization Oceana focused on ending seafood fraud. Actress and ocean activist Angela Kinsey of NBC’s “The Office” and renowned Washington DC chef Barton Seaver were on hand to explain the importance of accurate seafood labeling and the importance of traceability “from boat to plate”. Speaking as a concerned mother, Ms. Kinsey said it was important “to know what I’m putting on the dinner table for my family”, and stressed the importance of correctly labeling seafood so she could make healthy decisions for her children. Mr. Seaver emphasized how seafood mislabeling challenges his responsibility as a chef to provide safe, healthy, and sustainably sourced meals for his customers.

Angela Kinsey (in pink) of NBC's "The Office" with attendees Emily Vuxton,
Beth Porter, and Kate Brogan at Oceana's Seafood Fraud reception

The reception was held at the National Aquarium in Washington DC, and guests were treated to views of leopard sharks, sea anemones, and pufferfish throughout the evening. Chef Xavier Deshayes of the Ronald Reagan Building, who catered the event with sustainable seafood offerings, engaged quests in a fun activity as they mingled during the event, challenging them to correctly identify farm raised and wild caught salmon samples being served without labels. Many in the audience, including myself, were surprised by the results announced at the end of the evening! Guessing games aside, Oceana and the National Aquarium hosted an informative event that educated attendees about the need to take action against seafood fraud.