Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flippin' Out at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival

The first official day of the BLUE Ocean Film Festival has come to a close and I sit in my room with head spinning from a day of controlled chaos. The incredible group of ocean filmmakers, photographers, NGOs, funders, scientists and even BLUE volunteers are still sipping local wines, making the rounds of the conference center's lobby, sharing stories about their ocean experiences while catching up with old friends and colleagues. Long before any of us were able to kick back and socialize, BLUE attendees snatched up their Flip cameras and got to work making their own guerrilla films documenting their experience here at the festival. Along with a team from NOAA, SeaWeb is helping to promote and produce attendee-generated content so that you can all find the BLUE in you wherever you may be.

Today we asked those who borrowed the pocket-sized camcorders to ask this question of their interviewees: "What is your favorite ocean memory?" In a crowd so passionately motivated by their experiences with the ocean, this question truly struck a chord. Check out a few of the responses which we have captured and clipped for you to see.

If you have any trouble viewing the clip below, visit:

Check out more guerrilla films on the BLUE website.

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