Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seafood Summit: Day 3 - Summit comes to a close

It's hard to believe that the final day of the Summit came and went, but not without some incredible milestones worth noting.  The sessions were well attended and engaging even on the last day, which is a true testament to the incredible content in each of them.

Delegates who join us for the closing presentation had the honor of being addressed by His Royal Highness the Price of Wales in a pre-recorded video in which he discussed the need to improve fisheries and take a collaborative approach to research.  He noted that while positive steps are being made through multi-stakeholder partnerships, the way forward will not be without intractable problems.  His hope is that partnerships can be found so it is crucial that we keep talking for as long as it takes.  Partnerships must be built that safeguard biodiversity and sustain livlihoods based on fishing to achieve balance toward a more sustainable future. 

His Royal Highness made it clear that while it is easy to despair, solutions are in our grasp.  We can see thriving and productive oceans, if we do change our fishing policies.  His Highness’ regret was that he couldn’t join the delgates in person, but recognized all of the tireless work Summit attendees old and new have been conducting for years, and experessed gratitude and encouraged leadership toward a sustainable future.  “Enlightened individuals have the biggest influence,” he said; a big compliment to every single Summit attendee. 

Hong Kong night skyline
SeaWeb’s own Melanie Siggs took the stage for the final close, with a big announcement on the tip of her tongue.  Where the Summit will be hosted next is not just about geography.  There are physical and geographic challenges to moving the sustainable seafood movement forward so the need to go to Asia is important more than ever.  Melanie announced that the 2012 Seafood Summit will take place in Hong Kong, on a 18 months schedule instead of the traditional 12 months schedule.  So, hopefully we’ll see you on in Hong Kong in the fall of 2012?

Give us a little reflection and listening time about how we make it a success.  We want to engage more with colleagues to help bring them in and improve on all of our successes from the past.  Between now and then, we hope to conduct many business roundtables, workshops, attend the Brussels Seafood Show and Boston Seafood Show, engage in the World Seafood Congress and World Fisheries Congress and continue the conversation on an international basis. 

Our common goal is global sustainability.  We hope you’ll continue to be a part of the conversation.   Though the Summit isn't officially over - delegates will join us early Thursday morning for a trip across the borden into Washington State to tour of a halibut fishery and visit to Seattle's famous Pike Place Market.  Stay tuned for a recap of those adventures soon.
And now, to celebrate the many successes of the 2011 Seafood Summit!


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