Friday, June 3, 2011

Sound, color, and real estate

During the first morning sessions we learned about how our brain responds to natural underwater sounds -from a variety of marine mammals- in contrast to man-made underwater sound or noise, and how both affect our moods and health.

Then a great team presentation from Neil Osborne from the International League of Conservation photographers and Dr. Amir Vokshoor, from the Institute of Neurosurgical Innovation (top right pic) enlightened us about how the blue color of the water relaxes us, and how powerful ocean imagery motivates us to act on behalf of ocean conservation. When asked by a young member of the audience for tips on underwater photography, Neil responded that what matters is not so much technique and equipment, but what one does with his/her photography once acquired - how many GB of powerful and inspiring imagery sit on storage drives of commercial photographers without having a chance to inspire?

Just before the break, Eric Johnson from Sotheby's (top left) told us just how much more his clients are willing to pay for an ocean view given two otherwise identical units... if your guess was around 40%, you were in the right ballpark...!

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