Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aker Seafoods processing facility

A white fish processing facility owned by Aker Seafoods was one of the last stops during the trip to Norway. This facility, located in Stamsund, in the Lofoten Islands (northern Norway) processes primarily cod but also saith. On the day of our visit, they were processing saith. This facility utilizes modern technology to keep the fish a low temperature (~1 C) throughout processing to optimize quality. Fishing and Seafood processing is a key industry for rural areas in northern Norway where there are few sources of employment.

The plant manager explains the grading process.

All byproducts from the filleting process are utilized. The worker above packs these byproducts.
A worker splits the fish into various cuts.

Packed fillets are prepared for transport. These are for the Scandinavian market.

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