Thursday, September 15, 2011

KidSafe Seafood is off to Delaware

KidSafe Seafood will be attending the upcoming conference titled "Framing the Message about Seafood" organized by the Delaware Seagrant College Program. The conference will take place Sept. 20–21 at the University of Delaware’s John M. Clayton Hall Conference Center in Newark. The event will convene an array of different stakeholders including nutritionists, seafood professionals, scientists, public health professionals and dieticians to focus on the issues and implications of current messaging efforts related to seafood consumption.

The conference will specifically address issues related to the role of industry and government, risk-based approaches and the use of seafood guide cards and advisories, among other topics. Participants will attend presentations by research, government, industry, advocacy, and nongovernmental organizations followed by a series of workshops with the hope of reaching a consensus on messaging seafood consumption for health care providers and consumers through science-based, actionable recommendations.

Check back here for more updates from the conference!

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