Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bluefin tuna trade protection defeated overwhelmingly. A sad day in Doha.

The final vote count for the Monaco proposal to list bluefin tuna under CITES Appendix I.
20 in favour, 68 against, 30 abstentions. Trade protection for #bluefin tuna defeated. What a sad day. The head of the Libyan delegation went on an absolute rampage. Iceland requested a secret ballot. There were actually 3 votes: 1st vote on whether or not to continue the debate - rejected. 2nd vote: the EU proposal, which had requested a listing to go into effect in May 2011 and wanted the Animals Committee of CITES to play a role and 3rd vote: the Monaco proposal to list under Appendix I.

Got to go get ready for our event tonight but more later. See above the crazy pic of Libya protesting against every word of the Monaco proposal.

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