Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Porbeagle sharks are poor no more (Stop the presses, CITES passes something)

More on all this later, but just a quick update: hammerheads and oceanic whitetip sharks were denied international trade protection this morning at CITES (these proposals were supported by the US and the Pacific nation Palau). Just now, CITES parties voted IN FAVOR (wow, that is the first time I've typed those words on this blog) of trade protection for the porbeagle shark. 2nd time is a charm for porbeagle (they were proposed for protection in Appendix II in 2007 and were shot down).

The EU put forward the porbeagle proposal. I can only assume that the EU was more coordinated in its efforts to effectively lobby for this proposal, countering the lobbying efforts of Japan and China, compared to the efforts of the US on behalf of hammerheads and whitetips.

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