Friday, March 12, 2010

In Doha and ready to talk CITES!

So we now know that the EU is supporting trade protection for bluefin tuna, albeit with a great many conditions that may make it hard for other countries to join in supporting the listing. Bad news is that Australia is opting to NOT support (interesting given that southern bluefin is in arguably worse shape than atlantic bluefin). But what does this all mean for sharks and corals? One member of the U.S. delegation told me in the visa line at the Doha airport tonight that all species are getting shoved to the backburner because of all the focus on bluefin. That means that when these delegates are gathering round to hammer out the details of what they will/won't support, they'll be much less informed on some of the sharks and coral issues compared to bluefin. But LUCKILY, SeaWeb will be here to MAKE SURE that countries recognize the importance of listing 32 red and pink coral species that just happen to be the most valuable and widely traded of all 5,000 + coral species. And we'll be plying you with juicy tidbits from the meeting as's amazing what can happen when a bunch of environmental groups, country representatives, and trade organisations get thrown together for two weeks. I for one can't wait for the opening ceremony on Saturday. Although not sure how it will top the 'Circle of Life' montage from the Dutch government at CoP14 in 2007. Watch this space to find out.

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